Decisions, Decisions

So much goes on everyday in life.  When you have one home and then have property where one day you hope to live, someday soon you hope, it gets kinda busy.  When to take water, when to buy feed, how much hay to put up.  When to build fencing for more pasture, where to put gates, fences.. on and on! Oh, and there is the 6 day old bull calf to name!  Why haven’t you named him yet, people ask.  Well, it is a pretty big deal, our first calf born can’t have just any old name!

We all have to deal with decisions in life, but we are dealing with the homestead, or farmstead, as we like to call it.  We are wanting to put in some cedar trees along the fence line, when everyone is trying to clear them, for some privacy.  We would like to plant more fruit and pecan trees as well.  Recently, we have some maple saplings we would like to get in the ground and growing so we will see them when they are bigger.  Plus, we just pull a few oak saplings that we would like to get in too.  

That leads to another decision.  Where will the house site be?  Originally, we had found what we felt like was the perfect site.  Unfortunately, our neighbor had built their house within sight of our site.  So, now what?  We live in the city now, our neighbors house is like ten feet from us.  But, out there, we would like a bit of privacy! We have our prefer place to build our house, but the driveway will be a quarter mile long, and to just get electric to the front edge of our property would be 10,000 dollars!  Going back to there would be probably half that.  

So do we move it closer? Or do we build back in our ideal location and go off grid? And is that even possible in our county?  So much to know and its difficult to find that information.  But, once you figure that out, what do you do on your homesite?  Do you bring in a mobile home? Move a house out there?  We have considered and liked the metal building houses that everyone seems to be building.

With metal building houses you have so many choices there too!  Do you have on prebuilt with plumbing already installed? Do you just have a metal building built with a slab, then build a raised subfloor and add plumbing later?  Another option, have a pole barn built for cash, then come back later once you’ve got your layout perfected then pour in the concrete slab with your plumbing installed.  

Seems like everyday there are new sets of decisions to make.  With the amount of work needing to be done, its hard to tell where to start first.  We just make do with our resources and hope that we’ve made the best decisions. And thats really all we can do.  We are doing our best with this endeavor not to borrow any more money outside of our loan on the land to make anything happen on the property. We will have to eventually, when we get housing out there.  Until then, we will pay out of pocket for everything.

As long as we continue to take make good, reasonable choices when we are presented with a situation, I hope that we will continue to make good progress with our farmstead!


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