Our Busy Weekend!

It’s been a busy one for us in the past couple of days.  Lots of changes and firsts.  

Friday night we picked up our first bee hive!  Brand new box, complete with queen and hive full of bees.  When I picked it up to place it in its new spot, I held it up, and let me tell you, the sound of thousands of bees next to your head buzzing was a crazy sound!  

We got them at sundown as thats the best time to get them because most of your bees have come back to the hive for the night.  A simple metal screen is place in the entrance to the hive.  We strapped it down and drove it to our land.  By the time we got there it was dark and we had to place it with the light of flashlights.  

Also another first, seeing our first copperhead snake. Actually, two of them.  My wife saw it first and got back in the truck.  Luckily, we were near a bunch of cinder blocks, so we smashed the one we could see all of.  That one didn’t make it. The other one, I’m not sure where it went.  We hated to see that, but I guess thats the way it goes out in the country.  We made it all year last year without seeing one.  

Anyway, after placing the hive, they all got back in the truck and I removed the screen gently, trying not to make any sudden movements.  The bees began to emerge, as they did I slowly slid in the entrance reducer to make it harder for other animals to get into the hive.  Bees began to crawl about the outside of the hive, but not many took flight. 

I decided that since it was night time and they seemed relatively calm, I slowly removed the top cover. Under the cover, there is a top board with a largish hole in it. I lifted this up as well.  Man, I was greeted with the most bees I have ever seen in one area.  All ten frames inside seemed to have bees, the top board was also crawling with them!  It was a bit of a rush!  I lowered everything slowly back into place and got out of there for the night!  Not sure when I’ll have the chance to check on them again, but hopefully soon!

Saturday morning was another first for us! We finally took delivery of a breeding age bull!  We have had a bull calf but he is too far away from being ready to breed.  We have had a cow on our pasture for a year now that was ready to breed, so she is a bit behind.  Two of our heifers should be ready soon as well.  Our other cow should be ready within 30 days or so.  Everyone was following Cadillac around as he came out of the trailer, even the other two bull calfs!  We were worried a bit about his size, compared to ours, since most of ours are registered minis, but we chose him well, and he is actually shorter than our tallest “mini” cow! Finally getting started with our small program!

Lastly, our last first.  Today was the anniversary of buying our property! It’s our first complete year!  The weather stayed rain free for a while, so we picniced on our place with some fried chicken and biscuits!  It’s so nice to have a place all our own!


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